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Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention & Case Management

If you or anyone that you know has been a victim of abuse, please call our toll-free 24/7 hotline

Crisis Intervention

24-hour hotlines provide immediate crisis intervention. Victims and their dependent children receive temporary emergency shelter, food, clothing, and counseling (both individual and group).

*Outreach counseling is available in both Lake & Sumter Counties.


Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy provides victims with referrals for legal representation in cases of protective injunctions, child custody and/or support and other legal issues. The advocate can also help secure financial assistance and restitution under the Victims of Crime Act if determined eligible.


Children's Services

Children's Services provides counseling, advocacy, and/or referrals for children through 17 years of age, who are victims of, or witness to domestic and/or sexual abuse, Group counseling and Positive Parenting sessions are available for caregivers of these children to assist in dealing with and caring for troubled kids.

Male victims of domestic violence may also receive Haven services. Our Domestic Violence services are available to ALL our clients FREE of charge.

  • Counseling; Group & Individual.

  • Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence programs for children and adults.

  • Assistance with transition to the community: housing, furniture, food, clothing, etc.

  • 24hr/7days response to all hospitals and police departments to serve victims with trauma situations: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault; Rape exams.

  • Legal Services: accompany client to court for all types of hearings, such as Civil, Criminal, Family, DCF, Divorce, Custody, etc.

  • Children's groups are available if there is a need.

  • Information and Referral to other agencies for services needed by clients not offered by Haven; such as Food Stamp programs, Unemployment, Mental Health Services, etc.

  • Information and Referral for child care or day care for working parents.



If you or someone who know has been a victim of domestic violence, please reach out to the Haven of Lake & Sumter Counties, Inc. at 352.753 - 5800 24 Hr helpline

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