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Sexual Assault Services


Rape crisis helpline, available 24 hours a day, provide immediate response to sexually assaulted victims. Our professional staff, with assistance from trained volunteers, provide much needed emotional support for medical examinations and law enforcement investigations.

Post-rape counseling is an integral part or our services, as is legal advocacy for the sexually abused victim. Counseling is also available to the families of the rape victim; as well as victims of incest and dating violence.

*Our Sexual Assault services are available to ALL our clients FREE of charge:

  • 24hr/7days response to all hospitals and police departments to serve victims with trauma situations: Sexual Assault Forensic exams.

  • Legal Services: accompany client to court for all types of hearings, such as Civil, Criminal, Family, DCF, Divorce, Custody, etc.

  • Sexual Assault Counseling: Individual and Group for adults and children

  • Information and Referral to ther agencies for services needed by clients not offered by Haven; such as Food Stamp programs, Unemployment, Mental Health Services, etc.

  • Information and Referral for child care or day care for working parents.

  • Advocate accompaniment to forensic exam 24 hours a day.

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